Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Don't mess with the Internet -- Billboard in Lamar Smith's home district

There is an interesting new project that is gaining some notoriety on the crowd funding site crowdtilt. It would place a giant 'Don't mess with the Internet' billboard in SOPA sponsor Republican Rep Lamar Smiths home district, San Antonio Texas.

Lamar Smith is a Tea Party Republican who regularly claims to be for limited government. SOPA on the other hand would have been a massive government intrusion in the everyday lives of ordinary Americans on behalf of the major media companies.  This is actually a regressive form of corporate socialism. Hence the massive hypocrisy when he and other Tea Party Republicans claim to be in favor of limited government interference in the free market.

As of this writing, they have raised $15,111

The Democratic Progressive Blog has as a fundamental percept to fight any and all attempts to expand our already onerous perpetual copyright system. We therefore support this effort.


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