Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Don't Mess With The Internet Shirt

Don't mess with the Internet Shirt.

The Internet Defense League is selling shirts to promote awareness of threats like CISPA and to fund their efforts. Here is their pitch....

Last January, over 24 million people came together to stop SOPA & PIPA and stand for internet freedom. In March, you raised $15,000 to fund billboards in the home district of SOPA sponsor and defender Rep. Lamar Smith, proclaiming 'Don’t mess with the Internet.'
Today, those billboards are going up in Austin and San Antonio, and you can join Fight for the Future and Breadpig in the continuing campaign to organize against threats to our basic rights and freedoms on the Internet. 10% of the “Don’t mess with the Internet” shirt sales will go to Fight for the Future and the Internet Defense League's mission to "Make sure the internet never loses. Ever."

It is a worthy effort and a rather nice looking shirt that we recommend for all the cool kids.


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