Wednesday, May 23, 2012

FFRF Letter on My Behalf to Shelby Township MI

From the Director's Desk: Personal Rant

Recently, it was discovered via an article in my local newspaper that Shelby Township starts every meeting with a Christian prayer session. I am an atheist, but I feel people should be able to pursue whatever religion they want on their own time. I however do not feel my tax dollars should fund what amounts to a merger between church and state. This is contrary to American law and tradition. 

So in an effort to right this regressive wrong, I reached out to the Freedom From Religion Foundation [FFRF]. Below is a copy of the legal demand letter they sent to the Shelby Township Supervisor Richard Stathakis and Shelby Township Board of Trustees. FFRF is a nonprofit organization devoted to promoting a secular society, if you like what they do please support them.

Here is the link to the PDF 

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