Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Romney's Disastrous Education Agenda

Mitt Romney telling a crowd of wealthy donors 'I don't care about poor people'.

The Republic Report, a blog run by former lobbyist turned do-gooder Jack Abramoff, is reporting on Romney's educational policy. In short it amounts to 'funnel money to his pals that run shoddy for-profit schools' and cut money for public education. 

Mitt Romney wants to undo some recent much needed reforms by the Obama administration in the name of the 'Free Market'. He also wishes to put Wall Street back in the position as middlemen over student loans. The government is the party actually making the loans, but the Bush administration let the banks act as servicers. This just served to raise costs for students and funneled billions to the banks yet adding zero value.

His second ambition is to end any oversight on the for-profit college industry. President Obama recently took aim at them, whose multiple bad actors have been caught in the act of defrauding our veterans and low-income students with deceptive recruiting practices, and defrauding government with phony reporting. Romney thinks this is a bad idea, again in the name of the 'Free Market'.

But why would Willard 'Mitt' Romney do this to students? Romney did not inform voters that his campaign and Super PAC have received nearly $100,000 from Full Sail CEO Bill Heavener and from C. Kevin Landry, chairman of TA Associates, the private equity firm that owns Full Sail.


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