Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Creationist Museum Resorts to Deceptive Billboards

Decptive Creation Museum Billboard with dinosaur, but no Jesus.
No Jesus?

The Creation Museum has a new national billboard campaign that features a giant Pterodactyl. Their new nationwide billboard ad campaign is using dinosaurs to attract visitors to the Bible-based center near Cincinnati. The museum claims that evidence based evolutionary science is wrong and promotes a literal interpretation of the Old Testament's creation story

Dinosaurs are at the center of campaign because they get the public's attention, said Ken Ham, founder of the Christian ministry Answers in Genesis.
Ham said there are 20 different billboard styles, though some feature other prehistoric animals like mastodons. A billboard near Interstate 64 in Louisville features a flying pterodactyl and says the museum is "101 miles ahead." So far the signs have appeared in 25 states.

The new billboard campaign aims at drawing in the 'summer vacation crowd' by using a favorite topic of many children, dinosaurs. Notably absent from any of the signs however is the image Jesus or a Cross. The billboard uses the same tried and true tacit that many a tourist trap has done, deception. They know most kids or families won't want to travel out of their way to see pictures of Jesus, so they sugar coat it in something kids do want to see. 

An example of a deceptive tourist rap billboard that the creation museum uses.
This is a good example of the deception method used by tourist traps.
The goal of signs like this is to bait you into driving 50 miles out of your way because the kids are crying they want to see it. When you get there, you often can't see anything until you pay your money and walk through the gate. Once you do though you quickly find out it is nothing but a cruel hoax, a rip off. In this example the cavern is likely a small cave that takes about three steps to walk through. The Creation Museum is relying on the same MO by boldly displaying pictures of dinosaurs and nothing about religion. Once you get there though, you quickly learn it is anything but an traditional museum as evidenced by the pictures below.

Picture of Jesus riding a Brontosaurus while holding a Alligator at Creation Museum.

Picture of Jesus holding a pet Velociraptor at the Creation Museum.

Eve standing next to a Velociraptor at Creation Museum.

Bottom Line

Religious or not, you and your family should be presented with actual historic artifacts and information at a Museum, not second rate Disneyland type displays wrapped up in Kindergarten level junk science. The Creation Museum should take a clue from the Catholic Nuns and devote their time to helping the poor and needy rather than using deceptive tricks whose real agenda has more to do with making money than promoting ignorance. Save your money, go to a real Museum or Zoo instead.

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