Monday, June 4, 2012

FactCheck: Obama Most Radical or an Eisenhower Republican?

I saw this on the HBO Show 'Real Time with Bill Maher'. Bill Maher is a bit of well know loudmouth, but he makes a good point. A point that Progressives and Occupy Wall Street have been making for sometime, yet the mainstream media completely misses. Obama is not a true Progressive, in fact on many fiscal issues he is to the right of Reagan. Under Reagan the national debt went up 280% yet somehow he is their god? The majority of the debt increase under Obama is result of Bush era policies and wars, Reagan had no such baggage to deal with. Also Obama was dealt an economy far, far, far worse than the one Reagan inherited.

I think the real problem the Regressive Republicans have with President Obama is [in this order]:
  1. He is black.
  2. He doesn't bow down to their nutty religious leaders.
  3. He dared to criticize Wall Street and the super wealthy.
  4. He dared to say you can't cut your way to prosperity.
  5. He dared to say Government isn't always the problem, and is many times the solution.

Bottom Line

We have plenty of issues with President Obama's traditional Republican leaning policies. His reluctance to prosecute Wall Street Crooks or the Bush Crime Family and his willingness to compromise with crazy Tea Party Republicans to name a few. Yet given the choice between him and Mitt Romney, if you are a Progressive, he is the lesser of two evils.

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