Saturday, June 30, 2012

Fox News Makes the Case Against Health Care Jobs

On the Young Turks, they showed a video clip from a Fox News panel show with a cadre of their Regressive Republican Doctor Personalities [think Doctor Oz x Rush Limbaugh]. On the show they claim 'ObamaCare' will create a shortage of Doctors. They go on to frame this as a bad thing. Normally if a government program created a huge demand in employment for professionals that would be cause for celebration. They claim by the year 2025 160,000 more doctors will be needed. For every doctor there is about on average 10 support staff [nurses, aids, clerical, therapy, etc]. Lets take their claim on face value and do the math...

160,000 Doctors x 10 Support Staff per Doctor = 1,760,000+ New Jobs
Only the Regressive Right echo chamber would spin this in a negative light. The 1.76 million new jobs doesn't take into account all the other related and spin off jobs that would be required to educate all these new doctors and health care professionals.

What is Fox News worried about? Poor people might actually get healthcare instead of dying in the street. Again this seems bizarre to anybody with an once of moral fiber, but not Fox News and the Regressive Right. Fox would rather try to scare people into believing that you won't be able to get medical care because some poor parasite is now hogging up all your doctors time.

Another laughable claim they make on why your Doctor won't have time for you is because the government will now be telling doctors what to do. Anybody with insurance in America who has ever been sick knows what a ridiculous statement this is. Why? Because insurance companies are already very aggressively doing this.

It is quite common these days for a doctor to prescribe for example a blood pressure drug, and then the insurance company will say 'Sorry we will only pay for the drug that came out 40 years ago, the new drug is too expensive'. Healthcare reform actually puts a limit on a lot of this rather than imposing more of it. The insurance companies make more profit by denying care, but ObamaCare says in many places 'Not so fast slick, give that guy his blood pressure pills'. That is a big part of why they are fighting it.

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