Thursday, June 21, 2012

Fox Says Obama looks like Frightened Child Next to Putin

Jon Stewart points out the massive re-write over at Fox News. While all the other networks picked up on the fairly obvious body language between President Obama and Russian President Putin at the G20 summit. Most noting that it didn't look like the two were seeing eye to eye on Syria. Fox however pulls one of out it's typical bag of tricks and claims Obama looks like a frightened child.

Fox News has a long history of doing this. Turning virtually any headline into an anti-Obama slam. The amount of misinformation is at such a epic level that studies show people who watch no news are better informed that those that watch Fox News. Take this article for example:

From the LA Times:
A coalition of immigrant and human rights groups Friday urged Congress to investigate the Border Patrol's use of deadly force against rock throwers along the U.S.-Mexico border, saying the frequency of such confrontations is disturbing and inhumane.

The request came three days after an agent in San Diego fatally shot a 40-year-old Tijuana man suspected of injuring an agent by throwing rocks and a nail-studded wooden board.

Lawmakers are asked to look into a policy that allows agents to shoot at rock throwers along the U.S.-Mexico border. The ACLU and others argue that the practice is inhumane.
The story relayed in a factual manner by actual journalists.

Now Fox's version....

Fox News distorts story about the Border Patrol using excessive force and killing people for minor crimes into a fairy tale about 'ACLU' calling for brutal assaults on Border Patrol Officers.
You would think this about a completely different story if you relied on Fox for your news.

Bottom Line

Misinformation? Check. Constant manipulation for political gain? Check. Just another day at Fox News. Unfair and Unbalanced as always. To those looking for actual reporting or insightful commentary, we would like to suggest networks like RT, BBC, PBS or Al Jazeera instead.


Fox Nation: Re-Writing Headlines To Fit The Agenda

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