Thursday, June 14, 2012

Inventor of K2 Drug "Legalize the Real Thing"

ABC News did a recent interview with Doctor John W. Hoffman, the creator of more than 400 synthetic cannabinoids, including JWH-018 that formed the basis of the earlier versions of the so-called 'synthetic marijuana' that many parents and electioneering lawmakers are so concerned about. "JWH-018 can be made by a halfway decent undergraduate chemistry major," claims Doctor Huffman, "in three steps using commercially available materials."

The "JWH" class of compounds that Doctor John W.Huffman invented to mimic THC's effects for use as a possible cancer drug. 
"The physiological compounds effects of JWH compounds have never been examined in humans. What we do know is it doesn't hit the brain in the same way as marijuana, and that's why it's dangerous. Marijuana has been studied for thousands of years and it is proven safe drug." 
Doctor John W. Huffman began working on the cannabinoids in the early 1990s using a grant from the National Institute for Drug Abuse. The principal emphasis in Dr. Huffman's research group is on the synthesis of analogues and metabolites of delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol THC, the principal active component of marijuana. He published has 23 different academic papers on the subject that gave information on the chemical steps to make the compounds, including JWH-018.

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