Saturday, June 30, 2012

Local News Now From 10,000 Miles Away

The Tribune Company, publishers of such respected papers as the Chicago Tribune and the Los Angeles Times has announced that it has made a strategic investment in Journatic, a Philippinian outsourcer of local content to media companies and advertisers, and that the two companies will have a significant operating relationship going forward.

Millions of American workers have been put out of work as employers have followed Mitt Romney's advice and moved operations overseas. First it was manufacturing, next data processing and customer service. Now it’s local news turn...

That's right Media baron Sam Zell’s Tribune Company has begun to send local reporting jobs overseas to companies like Jounatic. Are you really going to trust local news from somebody 10,000 miles away that can barely speak English let alone know the ins and outs of local politics? Do you want original local investigative reporting? Lets be clear about this, Journatic is not in the same league as Associated Press or Reuters by a long shot. If all you need is fluff pieces based off press releases then maybe you are alright. However if you want actual journalism, the kind the founders were talking about when they said 'Freedom of the Press shall not be abridged' ... you just got screwed.

“We’re excited to partner with Journatic, both as an investor and as a customer,” said Dan Kazan, Tribune’s Senior Vice President of Investments. “Journatic will expand Tribune’s ability to deliver relevant hyperlocal content to our readers, and we believe that many other publishers and advertisers will benefit from its services as well.”

Translation: We just fired a bunch of Americans and replaced them with a content harvesting algorithm and  slave-wage Filipino's. Remember Zell is one of the so-called 'Job Creators' people like Mitt Romney and Fox News keep talking about. Problem is they forget to mention [on purpose] that those jobs are NOT in America. Sure they might create a few jobs guarding their money on Wall Street, but in net it is another massive loss of American jobs.

To make the process easier Zell's company recently filed for Ch 11 Bankruptcy in order to it more easy shed union workers [and their pensions] in favor of Filipino workers who make two dollars a story with no benefits. Unfortunately this is just the tip of iceberg. According to a major story by This American Life, dozens of papers around the country have already outsourced local news production to Journatic.

Listen to the 'This American Life' podcast here...

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