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More Proof Regressives are Turning America into the Taliban

The EU is currently running a campaign to get more women into science. To do that they put together a rather nice website aimed at today's youth including snazzy YouTube videos, screensavers, a cool song, and a Facebook page. They give this reason why girls will love science...
You can really improve people’s lives? Getting involved in science means making a “world of difference”. If you want to prevent the spread of disease, improve the quality of life for people, protect the fragile natural environment, put food into people’s hands and combat poverty, then science is for you.
and this...
Science is exciting. Want to learn to understand how animals communicate? Study the planets? How about getting into the social media field? Will today be the day you get the answers to the questions you’ve been asking? Science is fun and exciting – wake up curious.
Well what does this have to do with Republican Regressives turning America into some kind of throwback to medieval Europe or the present day Taliban? We offer it merely as a contrast, a clear black and white case study of what to do and what not to do if you want your society to progress.

This is from the official platform of the Republican Party of Texas for 2012. I posted it as a picture just to verify that I am not making this up or exaggerating in any way.

Of, relating to, or marked by political regression, that prefers archaic an ignorant methods over advancement and knowledge.
From page 13 of Republican Party Platform pdf

First up, controversial theories. What are these so called controversial theories? Evolution and human caused Global Warming. Let me start by saying these are NOT controversial theories among the scientists. No far far far from it, they are in fact virtually unanimously accepted as fact.

The science behind Global Warming was not from some radical environmentalist group, but was in fact from the US Air Force. Right after World War 2, the Air Force was looking at ways to shoot down enemy air craft. So they started work on heat seeking missiles. In the process what the Air Force and defense contractors discovered was that water vapor and C02 block heat emissions in certain wave lengths. So essentially the very jet exhaust you were trying to track could defeat a heat seeking missiles censors, making it useless. It is around this time that they put 2 and 2 together and realized that if C02 can block heat emissions from a jet engine, that on a larger scale it could block heat from the sun escaping back into space. Since that time thousands of studies, millions of man hours, and billions of dollars have been spent studying this further in every imaginable way. The evidence is irrefutable and persuasive. If there is any uncertainty, it is how fast the earth will warm and just what other changes it bring with it, but the science that man-made Global Warming is already happening is rock solid clear.

Why are the Regressive Republicans so dead set against this? At it's root, because they get a lot of money from the fossil fuel industries. It would mean the fossil industry would now have to accept some of the costs it externalized onto society rather than pay itself. Thus the true costs of oil, gas, and coal would be more apparent to the public. Then the Regressives Republicans would have to admit they are hard core Reverse Robin Hood Socialists.

The main justification for our bloated military is to protect the oil industry, but it is spun to the public as 'Protecting Freedom'. If America converted more to alternative energy sources it would be politically harder to justify spending more on defense than every other country in the world put together. Thus we have 2 very powerful and wealthy industries that control the Regressive Republican party and have it in their financial interest to stop this research and hide / distort the facts.

Evolution is the basis for all modern biological sciences and is as proven as gravity. Yet it is not just the idea of evolving from lower ape like creatures that bothers the Regressive Republicans so much, it everything else that proves it. According to Young Earth Creationists, the bible would give the age of the universe at around 6,000 years old. This means that counting sedimentary layers on side of the Grand Canyon is a questionable science to them. It means means the discovery of an 9,550 year old pine tree in Sweden is questionable science. It would mean the speed of light is questionable science, because stars couldn't possibly be billions of light years away if the biblical accounts were true.

How do we know how old the Universe is? By measuring the the number of light years from the most distant object we can see.
Brewster Rockit: Space Guy breaks it down for Regressive Republican Timmy

When you get right down to it, there isn't an aspect of modern life that in some way doesn't depend on what the Regressive Republicans now call questionable science. From GPS to the Internet to a Flue shot, none of these wonders of science would work if the Regressive Republicans were correct about so-called 'questionable science'.

All these different fields provide little pieces of the puzzle that prove in one way or another that the earth is 4.5 billion years old, not 6,000. An old earth disproves the bibles creation story, and thus shows that evolution did have time to happen. So any idea that Jesus had a pet Tyrannosaurus rex is preposterous. But you don't need to go back billions of years to prove evolution correct, you merely need to read the headlines.  We hear all the time from the medical community about this or that illness becoming penicillin resistant. That could only happen if evolutionary theory was correct. The common refrain from Regressive Republicans is that is just 'micro-evolution'. Sorry but evolution is evolution, there is no such theory or evidence that it only works on germs and not everything else.

Next up early Childhood development. The Regressive Republicans are against what? That's right Kindergarten and Preschool. The first publicly financed kindergarten in the United States was established in St. Louis in 1873 by Susan Blow. Elizabeth Harrison, who wrote extensively about the theory of early childhood education and worked to upgrade educational standards for kindergarten teachers by establishing  the National College of Education in 1886. The main purpose of  kindergarten is teach children how to communicate, play, and interact with others appropriately. A kindergarten teacher traditionally provides various materials and activities to motivate these children to learn the language and vocabulary of reading, mathematics, and science, as well as that of music, art, and social behaviors.

So why would the Regressive Republicans be against this? In a word, crime. That's right crime. Regressive Republicans feel that children that get an early start on education are more likely to grow up to be criminals. The claim is 'we are taking kids away from their mothers too soon'. They feel it is just a form of brainwashing impressionable young minds. This may be just a smoke screen meant to appeal to the Sarah Palin's of the world. The real reason seems to always boil down to money. Regressive Republicans don't like the idea of any secular education let alone public education. So it is easier to whittle away at the edges than cut popular things like High School Football or Basketball. This way they will kill two birds with one stone. Less kids in kindergarten means less public school teachers. Less public school teachers means less money going to unions, both which mostly support the Democratic party.

Last, knowledge based education. This one is so beyond stupid, it has made America the laughing stock of the developed world. This bears repeating:
We oppose the teaching of Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) (values clarification), critical thinking skills and similar programs that are simply a relabeling of Outcome-Based Education (OBE) (mastery learning) which focus on behavior modification and have the purpose of challenging the student’s fixed beliefs and undermining parental authority.
By definition education is supposed to challenge your beliefs, otherwise you wouldn't be learning. Their claim is they are not talking about academics such as reading, writing and arithmetic, but  a relativistic process of questioning traditional moral values.

So if science says a light year is the distance light travels in one year, and that the galaxy LESS J0332 is 12.5 billion light years away, that means the universe is at least 12.5 billion years old. However your mother said '[televangelist] Paul and Jan Crouch preached the Big Bang is lie and the bible is right about the Universe only being 6,000 years old'. Or maybe the teacher told you 'Christopher Columbus didn't discover America because it was already inhabited by millions of Native Americans'. That is just so very wrong in their eyes.

How dare you question their nonsense? They don't want you thinking for yourself. They don't want you to think outside the box despite their claims to the opposite. They want you to be a little brain-washed automaton. If you question authority and think for yourself you might not believe in a Bronze-age mythology, and you might want to fact check their BS and instead of just blindly gulping it down. 



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