Wednesday, June 27, 2012

New Social Media App Saves You $$$ on Gas

Go green this summer vacation 2 ways or should I say waze. Social media mapping site has a free app that will guide you to cheaper gas. This saves you money two ways: 1., you don't waste gas driving around looking for cheaper gas 2., as a member you get a $.10/gallon discount at many gas stations.

Democratic Progress is in no way sponsored by, but we are glad to share this with you on the basis that it is a progressive technology that is good for the 99%. Waze works by adding social media  feedback layered on top of the regular GPS data. Normally there are several routes to your destination, but with waze you can get feedback from people that have already driven this route. Might be stuff like, 'This road sucks, always heavy traffic', or maybe 'Look out for that speed trap'. Think of it as a Yelp for traffic and directions.

Waze Version 3.2: Find cheap gas, and more great news for commuters!

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