Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Robert Mangabeira Unger "Don't Vote for a Fake Progressive"

"The Democratic Party has no new direction....  Obama has failed to advance the Progressive cause".
Roberto Unger is a renowned political and social theorist who has also served as Brazil’s Minister of Strategic Affairs.

While without reservation we agree that President Obama has been a complete failure as a Progressive, we don't feel the alternative is a better choice. We feel Professor Robert Mangabeira Unger's idea that only by loosing can we win, is a bad idea.

We don't agree that only by making things really bad will people be ready for a 'real change' Progressive, rather than a classic Republican in Progressive Democrat clothes. We believe you only win by winning. This means not just voting for Obama, but voting for true Progressive Lawmakers and Judges. Once in office it also means holding their feet to the fire and to be ready to eject any sell outs.

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