Monday, June 4, 2012

Update: Shelby Twp plans to fight FFRF Demands to Obey Law

Update: Shelby Township Supervisor responds to legal demand letter from the Freedom From Religion Foundation on my personal behalf. Claims he has has no intention of stopping his illegal prayer meeting. Supervisor Stathakis states:
"Opening with a prayer is not intended to advance any creed," Stathakis said. "To ask God's guidance is to acknowledge the beliefs held among the people of this country and community. It adds an additional measure of dignity and formality to our meetings, and it encourages reflection on the responsibility we have as community leaders."
I plan to put this to the test by either inviting a Muslim Cleric or perhaps offering a Pastafarian prayer myself.If he is actually on the level then this shouldn't be an issue. However if only continues to allow his radicla Baptist ministers to their 'pro-Jesus' invocations then he will be exposed as a fraud.

Flying Spaghetti Monster and Mary.

Personal Note

I would like to thank Supervisor Stathakis for bringing more attention to this issue than I possible have gotten on my own. I would however like to however call the Richard Stathakis, ShelbyTV, and their attorney Patrick Elliot, liars. Shelby Township has not 'been targeted' by the Freedom From Religion Foundation or me. The only reason this issue came up is because another local throw-away newspaper, The Source-Advisor, had an article with  Supervisor Stathakis bragging about how he planned to continue to break the law by starting meetings with pro-Jesus prayers from his right-wing minister. 

I am a long time resident of this city, and the idea that Township meetings would start with a prayer meeting moved me to action. I contacted the Freedom From Religion Foundation and sent them photographs, documents, and videos of what was happening, NOT the other way around.

I will post further updates on this matter. 


Group urges supervisor to discontinue use of prayers at meetings

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