Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Is a Sea Food Diet the Problem or Answer?

This is interesting and important issue. However it is one thing to say 'stop over fishing' and not do anything about it. Like it or not humans need to eat food. Humans like protean based foods like fish, chicken, or beef. Urban aquaculture maybe the answer...

There are two main kinds of fish farming, one that uses pens to coral fish near shore. This has frequently been criticized for polluting the water with excess amounts of fish poop.The other type is raising the fish in out door ponds. While cheap, it can only be done in warmer areas like the southern states. It also has the problem of flooding, which has enabled tropical fish to be able to escape and become invasive pests like Asian Carp have become.

There is a new third type of indoor year round fish farming that is starting to catch on in some parts. One of the criticisms of traditional fish farming is that it just substitutes small fish for larger fish, which still depletes the natural fish stocks. The goal here is to end that cycle. Tilapia is a fish that can be fed insects or corn meal instead of other feeder fish. Thus helping end the damage to natural fish populations that are in decline worldwide.

Cities like Detroit that already have a growing urban farming boom would be ideal for this type of indoor year round fish farming. Sea food is the number three import into the United States behind oil and automobiles. Most of it comes from low wage countries like Vietnam or Peru. Every mile food has to travel is extra Carbon Di Oxide in the atmosphere, warming the planet. So in essence it is good for the planet, it is good for the oceans, and it is good for America. Eat up.

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