Thursday, August 30, 2012

John McCain "Vote for Mitt because He Will Start 2 New Wars - Iran and Syria"

The speech John McCain gave at the 2012 RNC Convention in Tampa Bay Florida is just amazing in that it sounded like something the Third Reich would have said.  John McCain said "A Mitt Romney Presidency won't let China and Russia tell us what to do. He won't ignore the grave threat to Israel and stand idle while Iran builds nuclear bombs".  Somehow in the McCain's alternative universe the United States bombs countries at will without any real justification or consequences. We are just winding down two very expensive wars, not to mention the dozen or so hidden drone wars we are also in, but according to John McCain we should be invading Syria and Iran also.

Lets take Syria. This what John McCain was referring to about China and Russia telling us what to do. Neither country wants to see another major invasion of a country near their borders. A country they both have long economic ties to. Never mind the US is in no economic or moral position to be dictating orders to Russia and China like Genghis Khan. What is also clear but remains unsaid by people like John McCain is that the rebels in Syria have teamed up with Al Qaeda. So in essence and in fact you can say the GOP has taken up arms with Al Qaeda. While President Bashar al-Assad is hardly a good guy, neither are the people trying to overthrow him, so maybe it's best we mind our own business. Besides we can hardly afford another trillion dollar war.

Next lets take Iran and Israel. Iran has said they have stopped working on trying to build an atomic bomb. Talk is cheap, but the CIA has also said the same thing. Notice I said 'working on', as in 'I am working on losing 20 pounds right after I eat this box of donuts'. To listen to John McCain talk, Iran already has a cold war class arsenal. Did Iran stop their quest to be a member of the nuclear club out of the goodness of their hearts? No. Under President Obama, the US has ratcheted up economic sanctions on Iran, which have only served to hurt it's people more than anything. Question: If you are trying to influence a people or find a diplomatic solution is it really a good idea to destroy their economy? Second we have declared a cyber war on Iran with Stuxnet and many more covert attacks on Iran on a daily basis.  Next there is the concept of fairness. Israel already has according to many expert somewhere between 200 to 400 nuclear bombs ready to deploy today. So Iran gets 1 in maybe 2 or 3 years and the world ends, yet Israel has a bigger nuclear arsenal than the UK, France or China and the GOP yawns?

Never mentioned in any these GOP rants by people like John McCain or Condi Rice is that our invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan was the best thing that ever happened to Iran in decades. Never is it mentioned that Iraq is now best friends with Iran because of our invasion. Never is it mentioned that not a single Weapon of Mass Destruction was ever found in Iraq. Never is it mentioned that the Downing Street memo spelled this out, yet these same people continued to lie about it. Never is it mentioned that these two wars have cost the US trillions. Never is it mentioned that the US spends more on it's Military Empire than the total combined defense budgets of the entire planet.

The GOP never mentions that the US spends more on our Military Empire than the total combined defense budgets of the entire planet.
US Defense Spending in Perspective

Bottom Line

The GOP is detached from reality, don't fall for it.

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