Monday, August 20, 2012

Paul Ryan Tries to ReWrite the Last Decade

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are running away from Ryan's history of trying to privatize Social Security and abolish Medicare / Medicaid. The trillion dollar question is will the public buy into this massive historical revisionism? The two are now trying to pretend Paul Ryan and his so-called plan to destroy the social safety net for senior citizens never happened. 

One bit of sickening irony, Paul Ryan who comes from a wealthy family, collected Social Security Survivor Benefits after his father died, which he then used to pay for college. So it was OK for him, but some how it now has become 'evil' and 'immoral' and 'we just can't afford it'. Remember, he didn't need the money, it wasn't sent to him automatically by some out of control government welfare state, he had to apply for it.

Video is from the Real News Network, which like the name suggest provides real news without all the corporate or party spin [translation: spin = lies + weasel words]. 

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