Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Reverse Robin Hood

Mitt Romney's motto "Steal from the poor and give to the rich".
Steal from the poor and give to the rich.

The other day President Obama said this about Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney tax plan:


I found that amusing because I have been saying something very similar for some time now [Reverse Robin Hood Socialist], except in reference to Regressives in general.  But what is more ironic is that Paul Ryan's hero Ayn Rand actually agrees. This is what she said about Ronald Reagan back in 1976:

Now I want to give you a brief indication of the kinds of issues that are coming up, on which you might want to know my views.

1. The Presidential election of 1976. I urge you, as emphatically as I can, not to support the candidacy of Ronald Reagan. I urge you not to work for or advocate his nomination, and not to vote for him. My reasons are as follows: Mr. Reagan is not a champion of capitalism, but a conservative in the worst sense of that word—i.e., an advocate of a mixed economy with government controls slanted in favor of business rather than labor (which, philosophically, is as untenable a position as one could choose—see Fred Kinnan in Atlas Shrugged, pp. 541-2). This description applies in various degrees to most Republican politicians, but most of them preserve some respect for the rights of the individual. Mr. Reagan does not: he opposes the right to abortion.

Even the goddess of the Tea Party Ayn Rand recognized that our system is inherently rigged in favor of big business and the wealthy. Since her death the system has gone light years ahead toward this bias. This point however never seems to be brought up or mentioned by the Regressives who claim to be her ardent proponents. Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan intend to just double down on this warped system that Rand mentions with her critique of Reagan via a tax plan that raises taxes on the poor while giving massive tax cuts to the rich and big business, according to the Tax Policy Center.

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