Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Guns versus Bath Salts

This video got me thinking about the polar opposite responses for mass murder and drug use, namely bath salts and fake weed by the political class.

On one hand we had politicians climbing over each other to outlaw fake weed and bath salts because of couple well publicized incidents where a kid drown and it was blamed on fake weed and another where a guy tried to eat another guy's face. Even though there was no proof in either case that fake weed or bath salts were to blame they still went ahead banned them at record speed. The truth did come out eventually [buried on the back pages], yet that made no difference because politicians everywhere were already bragging about having outlawed this mortal threat to humanity in days.

On the other hand we have had countless mass murders and dozens of daily  deaths directly from guns yet their response is "Now's not the time" or guns aren't the problem it's "bad parents and video games". 

We never say "Oh that kid overdosed on [pick a drug], bad parents" or "I blame video games for little Jimmy's drug use". Another thing you will never hear is "Bath Salts don't kill people, people kill people". Somehow when it's anything else besides guns, it's always that things fault and the evil people that use it, yet when it's guns the problem is just one rotten apple and NEVER "we have too many damn guns and too easy access to them in America". 

Funny how that works

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