Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Assange to Run for Aussie Senate in Coming Election

According the Wikileaks Twitter stream, Internet Hero Julian Assange has confirmed he will run for the Australian Senate in the coming 2013 election. Below is the Tweet announcing it.

Below is Tweet from the Wikileaks Twitter stream showing his current living conditions at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London England. The picture is a 360 degree interactive photo taken during one of his press conferences.  The $64,000 question remains though as to how he will be able to run and eventually serve in office if he is holed up in the Embassy 10,000 miles from his homeland? If elected would the UK still feel justified in arresting him and turning him over to the CIA?

About Julian Assange:
Assange is currently under the protection of the Ecuadorean embassy. The Ecuadorean government has found that Mr. Assange has justified in his application and through additional material that he has a well-founded fear of political persecution, and risks torture or the death penalty in the United States in connection with the publication of truthful information of matters of interest to the public through his work with WikiLeaks.


Learn more about Justice for Julian Assange here:

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