Monday, January 28, 2013

Yes Johnny Can Read, but Can He Wipe?

This is really sad, if it happened in some third world back water or a movie I might laugh, but this is America. In fact if it happened during the 1980's when I went to school in Michigan I would have said it was just an urban myth. It isn't. 

According to new shocking reports, schools in Pontiac Michigan are so broke not only don't they have any money for text books, they can't even afford toilet paper for the kids bathrooms. What is the reason for this mess? Answer: the GOP controlled state gov has voted to slash $2 billion dollars from the state education budget while at the same time giving big business a $1.9 billion tax cut.

This is all part of the Regressive Republican plan to raise taxes for the average person all the while massively cutting funding for services too. The Michigan League for Human Services recently noted a new analysis by the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy that found households earning $17,000 or less would pay 1.1%  more of their income in new taxes, while those making $355,000 or more would pay 0.01% more under Republican Gov Snyder's latest tax proposals. A recent league analysis also found further that Snyder's Reverse Robin Hood plan will cut business taxes by 86% while increasing individual income taxes 31%. 

This is what State House Democratic Leader, Tim Greimel had to say about disgraceful matter:

It might be funny if it weren’t true. Our kids in Pontiac can’t even use textbooks in place of toilet paper, because classrooms don’t have enough of those, either. Since the start of this year, the hard-working and dedicated teachers of Pontiac have been paying out-of-pocket for toilet paper in their own classrooms. What’s happening here is utterly shameful, and all the more so because it could have been avoided.

Republicans don’t mind that their slash-and-burn approach to school funding is hurting our kids and destroying their right to get a quality education. When the Pontiac schools faced a $2.4 million shortfall in funding from the state, it responded by laying off dozens of teachers and cutting spending on necessities such as textbooks and toilet paper. The only possible result of that is having our kids crammed into overcrowded classrooms that lack even the most basic supplies. Our children deserve better than this, and that’s why House Democrats demand that education funding be restored and that Republicans stop raiding the School Aid Fund to pay for massive corporate tax breaks.

Please Help

To find out more about how you can help school employees and students in Pontiac, contact Pontiac EA President Aimee McKeever at or by calling (248) 253-1867.

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