Friday, February 8, 2013

Oil and Gas Lobbyist on Fox News Says Solar Won't Work in America Because it's Not Sunny Like Germany

A so called business expert, Shibani Joshi says on Fox and Friends regarding Solar Energy in America verus Germany "They're a smaller country, and they've got lots of sun. Right? They've got a lot more sun than we do." Below is a solar resource map that shows the potential for solar energy based on annual average sunshine. As you can see by this map according to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) it isn't even remotely true. In fact Germany's total sunshine is more akin to Alaska or Seattle than the rest of the lower 48 states. Solar energy currently accounts for about 5 percent of the Germany's total electricity output and they are aiming to increase that number to 10 percent by 2020 and at least 20 percent by 2030.

Here are some vital facts Mrs. Joshi left out of the discussion. Since 2000, renewable electricity installations in the United States have more than tripled, and in 2011 represent 146 GW of installed U.S. capacity. Installed renewable electricity capacity has grown at a compounded annual average of nearly 4.2% per year from 2000–2011. U.S. renewable electricity in 2011 is 12.8% of total overall installed electricity capacity and 12.8 % of total annual generation in the United States. Wind and solar photovoltaics are the fastest growing renewable electricity sectors. In 2011 in the United States, wind installed capacity increased by nearly 17% and solar photovoltaic installed capacity grew more than 86% from the previous year.

Last and certain not least there is one critical fact Mrs. Joshi neglected to mention, her husband Rahul Advani is a principal for energy investments at Energy Capital Partners. According to their website Energy Capital Partners is a private equity firm with over $7.5 billion in capital commitments. The firm focuses on investing in the power generation, midstream gas, electric transmission and energy and environmental services sectors of North America's energy infrastructure. Gee she couldn't possibly have a conflict of interest, could she?


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