Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Possible CISPA Solution - Android App

This simple app allows you to enable and configure a Mobile Ad-Hoc Network (MANET) for your device. Install the app on another device and they will automatically recognize and link to each other when they are within ~250 feet. Install the app on even more devices and expand the range of your mesh network! The app will route data from one device to another and "hop" across other devices in the mesh to get there. In short, the more devices in your mesh the greater your communication range.

This app turns your phone or tablet into a peer-to-peer communication device. You don't need a cell plan, access point, or even an Internet connection, just a bunch of friends with ad hoc enabled devices of their own. This app also allows you to share your phone's cell connection with other devices in the mesh.

- Root access
- Kernel which supports wireless extensions (wext)
- Wireless device driver which supports ad hoc mode (Broadcom works well)

Supported devices:
- Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1
- Samsung Galaxy S II Epic Touch 4G SPH-D710
- Samsung Galaxy Nexus SCH-I515 (custom kernel)
- Samsung Galaxy S III GT-I9300 (custom kernel)
- ASUS Transformer Prime TF201 (custom kernel)
- ASUS Nexus 7 (custom kernel)

The custom kernels can be installed using ClockworkMod Recovery. Download them here:

Questions? Problems? Want to contribute? Post on the Google group:!forum/spandev

Check out the source code:

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