Saturday, March 16, 2013

American Journalism Fail - Bradley Manning vs the Obama Secrecy State

This is how journalism is done. It is also why you won't see it on the DNC or GOP news channels. MSNBC is afraid of doing anything to expose the fact Obama isn't all that progressive and Fox News doesn't want to expose the fact they actually hate freedom. The rest of the US Corporate media is too concerned with infotainment stories like 'who is Kim Kardashian dating this week' because they fired most if not all of their actual reporters. The hard news stories they do run are mostly just unfiltered press releases from the government or big business.

The job of the media is to hold power to account by exposing truths, even if they are uncomfortable for those in power. Sadly in America instead it has come to mean being a lapdog for the political elite and big business. AlJazeera stands in stark contrast to this and does news the way the founders meant when they enshrined 'Freedom of the Press' in the constitution.

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