Friday, March 29, 2013

Arianna On Whether Obama Has Saved Or Betrayed Progressive Politics In America

Arianna Huffington recently was asked at the Aspen Ideas Festival about weather President has saved or betrayed Progressive Politics in America, this is her response:
Obama has the capacity to turn politics into an emotional creature -- the politics of the common good are shifting. Poll numbers back this up, but despite Obama's soaring speeches, the action hasn't followed. And all this is happening in the context of a collapsing American dream... Obama is demonstrating "the fierce urgency of later" when we need "the fierce urgency of now." We need emphasis on job creation, upward mobility (of which the U.S. is #10 globally -- behind France).
I couldn't agree more. I enthusiastically voted for President Obama in 2008, and in 2012 I held my nose and voted for the lesser evil. Don't misunderstand he has done some great things, like kick start alternative energy and change the national tone. But for every positive there is an HSBC or a Monsanto Protection Law.

Watch the video of the conference:


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