Thursday, March 28, 2013

List of Monsanto Lobbyists Who Held Gov Positions in 2012

Big money interests move in and out of government to screw the average person.
Political Revolving Door

In politics, the "revolving door" is the movement of personnel between roles as legislators and regulators and the industries affected by the legislation and regulation.

In some cases the roles are performed in sequence but in certain circumstances may be performed at the same time. Political analysts claim that an unhealthy relationship can develop between the private sector and government, based on the granting of reciprocated privileges to the detriment of the nation and can lead to regulatory capture.

Below is list of Monsanto Lobbyists and actual Monsanto employees who recently held high level positions in either Congress, the White House, or in the Dept of Agriculture in 2012. All information was obtained from Most of the names in the list held more than one position, for the sake of space only the most relevant positions are listed. The truly sad part about this list is that influence peddling and bribery cuts across both parties, but the DNC accounts for the majority.



Lobbying Firm

Brian Pomper International Trade Counsel for Senators Diane Finestein and Max Baucus Akin, Gump et al [Lobbyist for Monsanto]
Manus Cooney Chief Counsel Senate Judiciary Cmte. American Continental Group [Lobbyist for Monsanto]
Trista Roehl Legal advisor to  Reps Pat Toomey, Chris Cox, and John Shadegg American Continental Group [Lobbyist for Monsanto]
Karen Stone Legal Directo Rep Dina Titue American Continental Group [Lobbyist for Monsanto]
Melissa Agustin Director of Agricultural Affairs, Executive Office Monsanto
Micheal Holland Counsel, Rep. Devin Nunes (CA-21), (2009-2011) Monsanto
Scott Kuschmider Minority Professional Staff, House Committee Monsanto
Jeremy Stump Deputy Chief of Staff, USDA Monsanto
Benjamin Noble Legal Advisor to  Senators  Blanche Lincoln and Dale Bumpers Noble Strategies [Lobbyist for Monsanto]
Fitzhugh Elder Legislative Assistant - Senator Bennett Russel Group [Lobbyist for Monsanto]
Randall Russell Advisor to Joe Biden Russel Group [Lobbyist for Monsanto]
Jan Fowler Legislative Assistant - Senator Voinovich and Rep McCrey Russel Group [Lobbyist for Monsanto]
Gregory Nickerson Chief of Staff to Senator Kent Conrad Washington Tax Group [Lobbyist for Monsanto]

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