Thursday, April 25, 2013

Obama Lied About CISPA, Again

Laws? Laws are for the little people.

It’s worse than we thought. CNET has obtained 1,000 pages of government documents that reveal the Obama administration secretly authorized a backdoor for warrantless online wiretapping. Basically, the government promised not to prosecute companies for breaking privacy laws as long as they co-operated with government spying.

That sounds familiar, right? It's basically what CISPA is supposed to do. CISPA is just a legal framework for what the U.S. government has been already doing secretly (and possibly illegally) -- violating our online privacy rights.

If we had an actual Justice Dept, President Obama and President Bush would both be sitting in Gitmo right now for massive law breaking on a scale that makes what President Nixon did seem like a mild schoolyard prank. But we don't and there isn't a snowballs chance in hell the American people will see any justice with our current corrupt system.

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