Monday, April 22, 2013

Reasons Given for CISPA are Epic Fails

The reasons given for CISPA by Republican Mike Rgoers are a massive stinking pile of bullshit.
Don't fall for the CISPA lies.

Reason #1: "Each day, American companies are confronted with an onslaught of cyber attacks from countries like China, Russia and Iran, which seek to steal valuable research and development and other vital trade secrets."

So if we are so worried about hackers in China or Iran, then how exactly would passing a law in America help? Could the FBI just sashay over to Iran and arrest a hacking team sponsored by the government? What about China? That is so laughable it's not even worth taking it any further.

Reason #2: "These entities also work to obtain sensitive national security information, including information on U.S. weapons systems and military installations. The nation’s critical infrastructure systems—the electronic power grid, and vital transportation and telecommunications systems—also are at risk."

These things are already serious crimes, passing further laws will only serve to destroy the constitutional protections American citizen have enjoyed for over 200 years in the 4th amendment. National Security is only a ruse that is trotted out whenever authoritarians want to trample on basic human rights. Real National Security comes from having a diverified economy, where no one or two monopolies control whole segments of our society. Enforcement of the Sherman Anti-Trust Act would go miles farther than this sorry excuse ever would. Additionally if American didn't feel the need to bomb and destroy vast segments of the world we wouldn't have so many enemies.

Reason #3: "When trade secrets are exploited by foreign companies, American jobs are stolen and U.S. companies are placed at a competitive disadvantage within the global economy."

Trade secrets do not need to be stolen since the majority of American manufacturing has been sent to places like China and India. This is like trying to lock the barn door years after all the cows ran out. The time to worry about National Security was when every last computer component factory moved to China and Taiwan. Also our entire drug supply now comes from India and China, they only package the stuff here, you should have started worrying years ago when that happened. Instead you gave big business tax breaks to make it happen.

Reason #4: "If cyber security were dramatically strengthened, up to $400 billion lost on economic espionage each year could instead be reinvested in the American economy."

So how exactly would shifting the cost of private for-profit companies to the taxpayers translate into more jobs? Answer it wouldn't. Corporate America already has some $3 trillion a year in cash parked in off shore accounts because they don't want to pay American taxes on it. If anything this might cause people in the growing field of IT security to lose their jobs. Claiming some dubious amount would somehow magically come home if only the taxpayers picked up the IT security tab for big business is an insult to every struggling middle class American. If you were actually concerned about lost economic activity you would have started with these tax cheats instead of adding another welfare program for big business.

Reason #5: "National security would also be reinforced, preserving an environment where individuals are safe to pursue the American dream."

This is nothing but 100% pure Orwellian double speak. First off, the American Dream is more like the American nightmare for 99% of Americans since we adopted Trickle-Down Reverse Robin Hood Economic Policies. The American Dream used to mean things like an affordable college education, will this help that? Hell no. The average 4 year degree no costs upwards of $100,000 just for tuition, and CISPA will only serve to raise costs with it's Draconian Copy-wrong provisions. Will CISPA stop the flood of assault weapons on our streets? Again, Hell no. Will CISPA protect me against identity theft? Hell no, that's already a serious crime, yet local police are exceptionally reluctant to investigate it. Will CISPA help me start a business? Hell no, but it will make it easier for a big business to crush me with govt goons.

Reason #6: "Rather than burdening businesses with costly regulation, H.R. 624 would equip private companies with as much intelligence as possible, leaving protection of the private sector in private hands."

Wait a minute that's socialism, Reverse Robin Hood to be precise. You are burdening the taxpayers with the cost of IT security of for-profit transnational companies who couldn't give a rat's ass about the welfare of America. Funny how the "we built this" crowd doesn't mind socialism when it's for the benefit of the rich and powerful.

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