Monday, April 22, 2013

These Are the Companies Who Support CISPA, Avoid them Like the Plague

These are company's Supporting CISPA,

Lets send them all some tweets letting them know we ARE NOT happy with them

This are all company members of technet

Tweet them some messages like :

- @(company'stwitteradress) your company is willing to take down our privacy, then we are willing to take down your company, greeting #anonymous

- @(company'stwitteradress) Oppose Cispa if you value any privacy in our digital world

- @(company'stwitteradress) we are deeply unhappy that the House seems poised to destroy everyone's online and by extension offline privacy

- @(company'stwitteradress) CISPA overrides existing privacy law, and grants broad immunities to participating companies.

- @(company'stwitteradress) We're not going to sacrifice all of our liberties for the illusion of safety.

- @(company'stwitteradress) your support of CISPA shows your hypocrisy, asking everyone else to give up their right to privacy, while you remain able to hold onto yours.

ACCEL Partners:                 @accel
Akamai:                         @akamai
Amgen:                          @amgen
Apple:                          @apple_worldwide
Arch Ventrue Partners:          ???
AT&T:                           @att
Bidgely:                        @bidgely
BloomEnergy:                    @bloom_energy
Broadcomm:                      @Broadcom
ChargePoint:                    @ChargePointnet
Cisco:                          @CiscoSystems
Craigslist:                     @craigslist
Covington & Burling LLP:        @CovingtonLLP
Davis Write Tremaine, LLP:      ????
Dell:                           @Dell
Dewey Square Group:             @DeweySquare
ebay:                           @ebay
eHealth:                        ???
Elance:                         @Elance
EMC:                            @EMCcorp
Encryptics:                     @encryptics
Enernoc:                        @EnerNOC
etagen:                         ???
F5 Networks:                    @f5networks
Facebook:                       @facebook
FloDesign:                      ???
Gap Inc:                        @GapInc
Genentech:                      @Genentech
Gilead Sciences:                @GileadSciences
Global Foundries:               ???
Goodwin Procter:                ???
Google:                         @google
GridX:                          ???
HP (Hewlett Packard):           @HP
Intel:                          @Intel
Intellectual Ventures:          @IVinvents
Juniper Networks:               @JuniperNetworks
KPCB:                           @kpcb
Lee and Hayes:                  ???
LiveOps:                        @LiveOps
Lucid:                          @luciddg
Madrona Investment Group:       @MadronaVentures
Marvell:                        ???
Microsoft:                      @microsoft
MIND Research:                  @MIND_Research
Nasdaq OMX:                     @NASDAQOMX
Oracle:                         @oracle
Palantir Technologies:          @PalantirTech
pfizer:                         @pfizer_news
pointb:                         @PointB
Pokeware:                       @PokewarePR
Rackspace Hosting:              @rackspace
Reboot Partners:                ???
SalesForce:                     @salesforce
SilverSpring:                   @silverspringnet
SmartSheet:                     @smartsheet
Spokeo:                         @spokeo
Stanford University:            @stanford
SV Angel:                       @svangel
Sillicon Valley Bank Fin Grp:   @SVB_Financial
Symantec:                       @symantec
Synopsys:                       @synopsys
TechNexus:                      @TechNexus
T-Mobile:                       @tmobile
Tendril:                        @tendril
VeriFone:                       @verifone
Verisign:                       @verisign
Visa:                           @visa
WGBH:                           @wgbh
WSGR:                           @wilsonsonsini
Yahoo!:                         @yahoo
yelp:                           @yelp
TechNet:                        @technetnews

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