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InfoGraphic Solar to be at Cost Parity with Coal within 5 years

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Video: Denialism of Climate Change and Evolution by the NatCen4ScienceEd

Far more people are climate change deniers than evolution deniers, but both camps use similar strategies to promote their views. Genie Scott explores the connections, the similarities, and the divergent ideologies.  


Where: New York.
When: 10/23/2011.
Hosted: by the New York City Skeptics.

The case of the US vs Bradley Manning

Video: Civic Hacking in Pursuit of Democracy

Courtesy of the Sunlight Foundation:

There are a lot of great ideas about improving the way government functions. But it often takes more than one person or an idea to take action. This is where hackathons can help. These informal gatherings have facilitated the creation of projects and apps such as AxisPhilly’s Property Tax Changes map and our very own Ad Hawk app.

And that’s not all. Government agencies are starting to see the possibilities that could come out of making data available. Civic hackathons are changing the mindsets of skeptical government agencies who are realizing that the “geeky marathons” are producing tools that can help our cities and towns. As more government representatives get involved in these civic gatherings then the case for making public information more accessible in a user friendly format becomes easier to advocate for.

Please vote between now and May 16 to help Sunlight win up to $25,000 in democracy funds from the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation. Please take a few seconds out of your day and cast your vote.

At Sunlight, we appreciate the uniqueness of civic hackathons because of the way they are improving the interaction between people and their governments. And we hope you feel the same way and will show it with your vote.

Thanks for all that you do,

Gab, Tiina and the rest of the Sunlight team

P.S. Read about our inspiration for making the Civic Hacking in Pursuit of Democracy video:

P.P.S. Please consider a tax-deductible contribution to support Sunlight Foundation.

Anonymous Message Regarding Indian Version of CISPA

ICMS, Indian version that's worse than CISPA.

Greetings world, we are Anonymous. It has come to our attention that the Indian government has launched their new monitoring system this month, april 2013. We would like to explain what that means and what consequences this may have.

ICMS stands for "India Central Monitoring System" and is a surveillance system used by the Indian government. ICMS is way worse than CISPA in the sense that it monitors everything you do online, even without a suspicion of crime. This means that the government will have full access to your phone calls, chat logs and e-mails, even without telling you why. Anonymous will never accept such laws since we believe that the power should belong to the people, and the people do not want to be monitored like this. We therefore ask you to sign this petition on Avaaz to tell the Indian government to respect internet freedom and the privacy online:

Use the hashtag #StopICMS on twitter to spread the message.

What can i do to stop this?
- Sign the petition on Avaaz
- Spread the message online using the hashtag #StopICMS
- Arrange a demonstration in your city to raise awereness
- Mail local politicians in India and tell them to get involved in the fight against ICMS
- Share this picture as much as you can:

We DID stop SOPA, PIPA and ACTA this way, and we will be able to fight ICMS the same way. Please share this pastebin and help us to peacefully fight for a better world with real privacy laws.
/ @AnonNewsSwe

Picture explaining ICMS:

Petition to stop CMS in India:

Articles about ICMS:

> Indian Government Plans Digital Central Monitoring System – CIS India

> New surveillance system to ensure security

> The Central Monitoring System (CMS) Project Of India

> Central Monitoring System (CMS) Project Of India The Stumbling Blocks And Essential Milestones

Anonymous Message Regarding Gitmo

President Obama "We do not torture". Oh really, ask these guys that.

Operation Guantanamo Press Release: #OpGTMO

Greeting Citizens of the World,

We have watched with dismay as a great injustice is being committed by the UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT in the Guantanamo Bay concentration camp.

Imagine your Father, Your Brother, Your Husband Arrested
Sold for a bounty.
Black bagged and sent away to a foreign country.
Tortured for years on end.
Accused of being a terrorist.
No trial or charge is given.
No lawyer is brought in.
No one is allowed to see him.
With no end in sight.

With no hope for justice, over 100 men who have been held and tortured for years have gone on a hunger strike. On May 18th, it will have been 100 days since they have eaten voluntarily. Prisoners have died suddenly, violently, and suspiciously. All inmates in Guantanamo Bay have been locked in solitary confinement. Some are being force fed, an international crime. These men face the prospect of a terrible death in prison despite many of them having been cleared for release years ago. One defense attorney has already committed suicide.

It is time for the Obama administration to admit that this is a disgrace for any civilized country which upholds the rule of law. Guantanamo Bay must be closed at once, and the prisoners should be either returned to their home countries or given a fair trial in a federal court. Guantanamo Bay is an ongoing war crime. Anonymous will no longer tolerate this atrocity.

We are outraged. We, the people and Anonymous, will not allow the most expensive prison on earth to be run without any respect for international laws. We stand in solidarity with the Guantanamo hunger strikers. We will shut down Guantanamo.

On May 17 to May 19, to coincide with the 100th day of the hunger strike, we urge everyone to join global actions on the ground and hacktivist protests as well as twitterstorms, email bombs, and fax bombs, in 3 days of nonstop action.

Phonebomb the representatives

Call the White House and insist that President Obama fulfill his promise to close <Guantanamo: 202-456-1111, 202-456-1414

Call the U.S. Southern Command to decry the conditions at Guantanamo: 305-437-1213

Call the Department of Defense, voice your concerns about the treatment of hunger <strikers: 703-571-3343

Call your senators and representatives and urge them to support the closure of <Guantanamo:

Sign the petition

For updates

Twitter : @opGTMO
Hashtag: #opGTMO

We are Anonymous
We are Legion
We are Everywhere
We do not Forgive
We do not Forget
Expect us

Word of the Day - Bankster

Al Qaeda has nothing on these guys.

Bankster: A word derived from combining "banker" and "gangster." Usually referred to in the plural form "banksters" to refer to a predatory element within the financial services industry, such as those offering "too good to be true" adjustable mortgage rates for home buyers

Card Credit Accounts Hacked By AnonGhost

A portmanteau or blend word derived from combining "banker" and "gangster." Usually referred to in the plural form "banksters" to refer to a predatory element within the financial services industry, such as those offering "too good to be true" adjustable mortgage rates for home buyers
Never trust a Bankster with anything you value.
 Think the Banksters are keeping your priceless private information secure? Think again.


#10000 Card Credit Hacked By AnonGhost courtesy of PasteBin

‘PayPal 14′ Due in US Federal Court on May 13th, 2013 and Your Help Is Needed!

View Larger Map

Urgent Call to Action!!

In a little over one week from now, the internationally lauded ‘PayPal 14′ are due in San Francisco Federal Court (450 Golden Gate Avenue) on Monday, May 13th, 2013 and Anonymous is calling for a rally all day beginning at 9:30am (may go as late as 5pm) to support the heroes who allegedly dared to act against the gross media censorship by e-Bay’s subsidiary PayPal after terminating its donation processing service for Wikileaks when nation-states began targeting them for revealing international war crimes and crimes against humanity from the Bush-era of the “War on Terror.”

The defendants were arrested in July of 2011 after PayPal reportedly suffered 3.5 million pounds in damages in 2010 due to a cyber-sit-in or DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack on their website. The incident was allegedly a response to the online giant’s unprecedented decision to cut off journalists Julian Assange and Wikileaks from revenue and legal defense funds.

Though the Federal Gov’t has been calling Julian Assange a terrorist and finally beginning to try Bradley Manning for espionage charges after 1000 days in cruel confinement, the public by and large considers the Bradley Manning/Wikileaks leak, including Collateral Murder, to be an act of whistleblowing and journalism on crimes against humanity. Similarly, the European Human Rights Court recently found the CIA guilty of torturing and sodomizing German Citizen Mr. el-Masri after subjecting him to illegal extraordinary rendition in a case of mistaken identity.

Please come show your support for whistleblowers, First Amendment Rights and their heroic defenders.

Bring your mask…and maybe a sign.

When: 9:30 a.m.
Where: 450 Golden Gate Avenue, San Francisco USA - at the U.S. District Court house.
What: A show of solidarity with the Paypal14.
Who: EVERYONE. Bring all your friends.

Use the hashtag #paypal14 when tweeting about this.

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