Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Top 10 Signs You Live in a Fascist Country

Mr. President that's not the change you promised.

1. A hardcore, totalitarian party(s) masquerading as the people's party, but secretly working totally with the rich and powerful corporations, uniting them under the party. Fascism, unlike communism and other forms of socialism and so on, is above all a corporatist form of totalitarianism. Example: Karl Rove and Mike Rogers, two conservative Republicans coming to Democratic President Obama's defense regarding unconstitutional mass surveillance by the NSA.

2. Stroking mass vanity with big lies, mass greed, lust for power with utopian promises of free money plus endless prosperity and great conquests over nature or nations. Example: "America is the greatest nation in the world at everything" or "America is the one indispensable country", clearly neither is remotely true now or ever.

3. Infiltration secretly by party operatives of all major institutions at the top level by secret take-overs, threats, bribes,  etc. Example: ALEC and Citizens United court decision.

4. Secret media content control in many ways by the ruler[s]. Example: Mainstream media failed to come out against Bush lies about WMD's and failed to hold Obama accountable for his war on whistle blowers and the journalists they worked with.

5. Imperial powers, party powers, the ruler principle. Example: The Unitary Presidency.

6. Massive, powerful secret police under direct control of the ruler[s], spying, black ops. Example: NSA, Booze Allen and Hamilton, HBGary, etc.

7. Secretly taking over the traditional laws and institutions, hollowing them out and refilling the empty forms with fascist ideology. Example: Dodd Frank financial reform heralded as sweeping reform while secretly it is weakened by rubber stamp regulators and no rules to enforce it.

8. Filling the government secretly with party hacks and puppets from top to bottom. Example: The revolving door at virtually every government dept and the industry they work with or regulate.

9. Politically correct education and mass-mind training from early age [pre-school onward]. Example: NSA program to teach coding and hacking called CryptoKids.

10. Foreigners, racial or religious or party groups or others used as "evil and immoral" to stoke terror and blood lust for wars, used as threats and as conquests to fuel vanity and hubris. Example: President Obama telling the American public you can't be safe from terrorists unless you give up your rights or President Bush claiming Muslims hate American freedom.

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