Thursday, June 20, 2013

Where do Minimum Wage Workers Really Work At?

Walmart real motto - Always LOW wages and no benefits.
Walmart actual motto: "Always Low Wages".

Whenever there is talk of raising the minimum wage, you will routinely hear from the so called business experts at groups like the Nation Chamber of Commerce or the Heritage Foundation about how raising it will just hurt small business and cost jobs. Another common refrain is that the minimum wage is only paid to teenagers just starting off in the job market, which would make one think that the majority of small businesses is run by nothing but teenage kids. What is the truth?

As we can see by this table that the majority of minimum wage workers in America work for Fortune 500 companies, not mom and pop stores. Additionally according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics only about half of the people making minimum wage or below are 25 years old or under.

Rank Company US Workforce
1 Walmart 1,400,000
2 Yum! Brands 880,330
3 McDonalds 859,978
4 Target 365,000
5 Sears 264,000
6 Subway 250,810
7 Burger King 191,815
8 Aramark 180,000
9 Starbucks 176,533
10 Applebee's 173,350
11 Compass Group 171,596
12 Macy's 171,000
13 Wendy's 168,672
14 Olive Garden 165,475
15 JC Penny 159,000
16 Kohls 142,000
17 Dunkin Doughnut 132,000
18 Marshall's 129,600
19 Sodexo 117,323
20 Domino's 98,220

Top 20 Total 6,196,702

Not everybody who works for these companies earns minimum wage, but the lion share of them do or just barely above it in the $8 to $10 an hour range. Raising the minimum wage to $12/hr would lift millions out of poverty and give a massive boost to our struggling economy.

For more info and to find out what you can do to help:

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