Friday, July 5, 2013

2001 to 2010 Warmest Decade on Record

The average land and ocean-surface temperature for the decade 2001-2010 was estimated to be 14.47°C  (58.046 Fahrenheit), or 0.47°C (.846 Fahrenheit) above the 1961–1990 global average and +0.21°C (.378 Fahrenheit) above the 1991–2000 global average (with a factor of uncertainty of ± 0.1°C).

Warmest decade since recording began.

The decadal rate of increase in the global temperature accelerated between 1971 and 2010. The global temperature increased at an average estimated rate of 0.17°C (.306 Fahrenheit) per decade during that period, compared with 0.062°C (.1116 Fahrenheit) per decade for the entire 1880-2010 period. The average 2001-2010 decadal temperature was 0.21°C (.378 Fahrenheit) warmer than 1991–2000, which in turn was +0.14°C (.252 Fahrenheit) warmer than 1981-1990.

Every year of the decade except 2008 was among the 10 warmest years on record. The warmest year ever recorded was 2010, with a temperature estimated at 0.54°C (.972 Fahrenheit) above the 14.0°C (57.2 Fahrenheit) long term average of 1961-1990 base period, followed closely by 2005.

Above-average temperatures were observed over most parts of the globe in 2001-2010. This was particularly marked in the higher latitudes of the northern hemisphere. Greenland recorded the largest decadal temperature anomaly, at +1.71°C (3.078 Fahrenheit) above the long-term average and with a temperature in 2010 of +3.2°C (5.76 Fahrenheit) above average.  Africa experienced warmer than normal conditions in every year of the decade.

Results from WMO’s survey showed that nearly 94% of reporting countries had their warmest decade in 2001-2010 and no country reported a nationwide average decadal temperature anomaly cooler than  the long term average.

Some 44% of countries in the survey reported nationwide hottest temperature records in 2001-2010, compared to 24% in 1991-2000.  Coldest daily minimum temperature absolute records showed an opposite pattern:  In 1961-1970, nearly 32 % of the countries reported nationwide lowest minimum temperature values. The percentage decreased to 11% in 2001-2010.


The Global Climate 2001–2010: A decade of climate extremes Summary Report
by the World Meteorological Organization

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