Saturday, July 27, 2013

Video: Republican Response to Moral Monday Calls for Locking Up Queers and Says Al Sharpton is an "N"

Halfway through these two interviews at the Republican "Thankful Theocracy Tuesday" rally, one participant calls MSNBC host Al Sharpton  a 'fucking nigger' right after saying George Zimmerman isn't a racist. Next  NC State Rep. Larry Pittman calls for reinstating anti-Sodomy Laws to lock gays in jail because faggots makes god sick to his stomach. The best part in the entire video comes at the 2:58 minute mark. This where the same racist clown says he hates 'socialism', then Scott Burdick asks him "As a retired person are you on Social Security?" Idiot fails to see the irony and proudly replies "Yes I am".

The "Thankful Theocracy Tuesday" rally was the Republican response to the ten-weeks of "Moral Monday" protests against the N.C. Republican controlled legislator's recent legislative agenda.

Video source: Scott Burdick

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