Thursday, August 22, 2013

America Has More People in Prison than These 30 Countries

India 372,296
Mexico 242,754
Indonesia 144,332
Ukraine 136,223
Colombia 117,863
Philippines 108,305
Poland 84,261
United Kingdom: England & Wales 84,052
Pakistan 74,944
Japan 68,285
France 67,977
Italy 66,028
Germany 65,889
Argentina 60,789
Republic of (South) Korea 45,201
Canada 38,691
Australia 29,383
Israel 17,279
Greece 12,479
Belgium 12,126
New Zealand 8,609
Austria 8,273
United Kingdom: Scotland 7,853
Switzerland 6,599
Sweden 6,364
Denmark 3,820
Norway 3,575
Finland 3,134
United Kingdom: Northern Ireland 1,836
Iceland 141
30 Country Total 1,899,220
United States 2,239,751

America is a police state with 25% of the world's prison population.
Land of the free?
Despite the rhetoric of the regressive right claiming to admire limited government, America's prison population has skyrocketed under 30+ years of conservative policies. The increase was due largely to increased penalties for drug offenses but also because of get tough on crime laws like "3 Strikes and you're out" which gave citizens life in prison for a third offense no matter how minor.

Source: International Center for Prison Studies

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