Thursday, August 15, 2013

CNN's Don Lemon VS Russel Simmons on Stop and Frisk

CNN's Don Lemon responded to a Huffington Post blog post by music producer Russel Simmons. In the segment Don Lemon pulled a Tommy Sotomayor and agreed with Bill O'Reilly that it's black peoples own fault they need to be stopped and frisked by the NYPD because they are criminals from broken families. He further added that if only if these thugs would pull up their pants they might not get harassed.

I am a person of European decent so maybe you might think I have no place in this argument... you would be wrong. First off, this affects all Americans, and second I have been married to an African American woman for over two decades. So I am not some clueless out of touch white person.

There is actually some truth in Lemon's comments. And before you get your panties in an uproar I said 'some' NOT 'all'. The black community does have some major problems. Way too many children are brought up in broken [read poorer and unprepared] families. A person close to my own family has had 6 children with 5 different mothers and never married a single one of them. I only know one of their names, which is pretty sad considering who this person is. The crime rate in mostly black neighborhoods like Detroit is much higher than the mixed or mostly white areas.

The reasons for this however mostly stems from poverty, years of racism and government policies like assistance to the poor that said you couldn't be married and still get help that destroyed the black family. That however doesn't excuse it, just a fact.

That said, the ends can never justify the means when it takes away a person's or communities civil rights. I hear tell things were pretty darn safe under Stalin and Hitler, needless to say I wouldn't want to live under their rule. No amount of crime can justify 'stop and frisk'. On top of that the crime rate has actually been dropping for over 2 decades now, so to claim that 'stop and frisk' is responsible is without merit. I could equally claim that Larry David is responsible for the drop in crime due to the fact that the Seinfeld show and then later Curb Your Enthusiasm ran during the same time frame. 
Correlation doesn't mean causation.
Here is how you actually fix crime in poor neighborhoods, 'stop screwing them over so that you can give welfare to billionaires and transnational corporations'. Also 'start giving them equal justice'. Whenever you have a concentration of poor desperate people, of course they are going to turn to stuff like stealing, prostitution, drug dealing, and as a side effect violence. Also why would anybody respect a legal system that doesn't respect them or treat them as equals?

The same exact thing has happened time and time again. There is an excellent show on BBC called 'Copper' about an Irish policeman in New York, circa the 1860's. Everything idiot's like O'Reilly are saying now about Blacks and Hispanics could equally applied to the Irish back then, and the root causes were exactly the same. By the way O'Reilly is Irish.

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