Friday, August 9, 2013

The Difference between a Liberal and NeoLiberalism

Not a liberal.

'Liberalism' can refer to political, economic, social or religious ideas, etc.

'NeoLiberalism', however, is an entirely different beast. Regressive conservatives who claim they 'hate liberals' (meaning the political & social type), usually have no problem at all with 'economic liberalism' or 'NeoLiberal' economic policy. In fact, NeoCons love NeoLiberalism.

Neoliberalism has nothing at all to do with being 'a social liberal' (quite the opposite in fact). NeoLiberal economic policy is about 'liberalized trade' and global 'free-markets' (for corporations, not for us); and include austerity policies like 'structural adjustments' imposed by central bankers (World Bank/IMF), which essentially enable the private sector and multinational corporations to gut, rule and ruin our public institutions and national sovereignty - for profit.

State and federal governments are completely infested with NeoLiberal ideologues; Republicans, Democrats, right-wing Libertarians.

NeoLiberalism is about concentrating wealth & power into the hands of an elitist few, at the expense of everyone else. it's about privatizing profits and socializing losses. NeoLiberalism is at the heart of predatory, disaster capitalism and enslavement to debt. NeoLiberal economics is a rotten system that exploits people, cultures, communities and entire countries. and decimates the environment.

Oh, and Obama is not a Liberal. He's a NeoLiberal.

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