Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Portrait of an American Terrorist Mastermind... According DHS

U.S. journalists should be able to enter the country without fear of detention or intimidation.

But government authorities have been stopping journalists, whistle blowers and many other travelers on a regular basis, seizing their electronic devices and examining them without search warrants.

NPR's On the Media just reported that one of its journalists, Sarah Abdurrahman, was detained with her family at the U.S. border in Niagara Falls for six hours without explanation.

Government officials have detained journalist and filmmaker Laura Poitras more than 40 times at U.S. borders. They’ve interrogated her, seized her laptops and cameras for weeks at a time and denied her access to a lawyer.

Photojournalist Duane Kerzic has been detained and had his laptop searched too, and now he’s part of a lawsuit filed by the National Press Photographers Association. Photography is not terrorism. Taking photographs in public is NOT a crime. Duane Kerzic was arrested for taking photographs of Amtrak trains for a contest, hosted by AMTRAK.

This government intimidation has got to stop.

Tell Attorney General Eric Holder to Ensure Safe Passage for Journalists.

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