Thursday, September 5, 2013

Senate Foreign Relations Members Voting for Syrian Invasion All Massive Recipients of Pro-Israel, Defense, and Wall St Money

On Sept. 4, 2013 the Senate Committee of Foreign Relations held hearings to determine a wider Senate vote on whether or not to authorize President Obama's so-called limited invasion of Syria. Those voting no heavily favored the GOP including several members likely to run for president in 2016 like Rubio and Paul. Both Paul and Rubio will likely use this as a campaign issue, especially if it goes bad. Of the 18 members, 7 voted no and 10 voted yes with Sen. Ed Markey [Democrat] unable or willing to decide. The Senators voting no were:
  1. Senator John Barasso - Republican
  2. Senator Ron Johnson - Republican
  3. Senator Chris Murphy - Democrat
  4. Senator Rand Paul - Republican
  5. Senator Jim Risch - Republican
  6. Senator Marco Rubio - Republican
  7. Senator Tom Udall - Democrat
Of those voting yes [7 Democrats and 3 Republicans] all have received in the 2014 campaign cycle massive amounts of money from pro Israel Groups, Defense Contractors, and in Corkers case over a million dollars from financial interests that are sure to gain from a spike in oil prices that will likely result from another middle eastern war.

Senator Barbara Boxer: [Democrat] received $30,000 from defense industry unions in her state that would surely benefit from increased defense spending. She also received $266,054 from pro Israel groups.

Senator Benjamin Cardin: [Democrat] received $30,000 from the Carlyle group, owner of many defense industry companies like Edward Snowden's old hangout, Booz Allen and Hamilton. He also received $244,193 from pro Israel groups.

Senator Jeanne Shaheen: [Democrat] hit the lottery in defense industry money, with $31,500 BAE Systems, $30,000 from Honeywell, and $25,500 from Ratheon. She also got another $57,000 from defense industry PACs.

Senator Chris Coons: [Democrat] is a rank amateur in bribery and only got $6,500 from defense industry PACs.

Senator Richard Durbin: [Democrat] is also a minor leaguer and only got $38,000 from defense industry PACs. Perhaps he and Coons are hoping this vote will turn that around?

Senator Tim Kaine: [Democrat] received $30,750 from Northrop Grumman, $2,000 from defense industry PACs and $245,820 from pro Israel groups.

Senator Jeff Flake: [Republican] received $38,650 from Marriott Hotels which just happens to be owned by the Carlyle Group. He also got $22,300 from Goldman Sachs who is busy rigging financial markets to profit from a new war. Last but not least he also received another $119,350 from pro Israel groups.

Senator John McCain: [Republican] here is a man who never met a war he didn't like. However that hasn't stopped him from taking $31,000 from Lockheed Martin, $28,900 from GE, and a whopping $154,199 from pro Israel groups.

Senator Robert Menendez: [Democrat] is a man who truly loves Israel, their money that is. He received an amazing $341,170 from pro Israel groups.

Senator Bob Corker: [Republican] Corker is a league all his own when it comes to doing Wall Street's bidding. He received $81,750 from JP Morgan, $55,500 from Goldman Sachs, $44,500 from convicted money launder UBS, $35,750 from Credit Suisse Group, and then there is the mother load... $1,122,351 from Wall Street lobbyists. Wall Street would love another war and all the profiteering that comes with it.


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