Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Anonymous: Apple’s Touch ID Massive NSA Biometric Collection Device


Via Cryptome: FBI “Next Generation Identification” (NGI) 2012

Project PM:

Biometrics wiki:

AuthenTec’s Ties to US Dept. of Defense and Intelligence

AuthenTec was a spinoff of the Harris Corporation (1998)

Harris is a $6 Billion Corporation which specializes in wireless communication for military and intelligence in the US.

Harris has particularly big contracts with the CIA and NRO (National Reconnaissance Office):

Most of AuthenTec’s top executives were from Harris. As an example, their General Counsel Frederick Jorgenson started at Harris, eventually wound up at another huge military contractor, Raytheon, and then wound up at AuthenTec.

Robert E. Grady, a former bigwig in the Carlyle Group, became Chairman of the Board at AuthenTec in January 2010:

The Carlyle Group has made over $2 Billion as majority owner of Booz Allen Hamilton of Project PM and Edward Snowden fame:

The Carlyle Group was trying to outrun its reputation as a corrupt home for political bigwigs when the Snowden revelations hit


Apple and the Shady Deal For AuthenTec

Six months after starting as Chair of the Board, Grady rage quit at AuthenTec, hoping to prod it into getting its product to a mainstream market (like Apple!) much more quickly:

Soon thereafter, AuthenTec began serious talks w/ Apple about getting its product to a mainstream market. But Apple threw up its hands in disgust and just bought the company outright:

Shareholders were outraged, arguing that rather than taking a lesser price from Apple, the Board should have tried to shop their product more with Samsung:

But a Federal Court quickly sided with AuthenTec and Apple:

Apple’s Release of iPhone5s has set the Biometric World a Flutter:

Bloomberg: Momentous

Pushing Biometrics Mainstream:

Yahoo: Boosts Biometrics Stocks

Biometrics to the Masses:

ManTech Hack, Targeting of Politicians and activists:

Biometric Docs from Anonymous’ ManTech Hack (July 2010)

Wikileaks: US targeted UN diplomats and Security Council politicians for Biometrics, Credit Card info Etc.

Disneyland’s sophisticated biometrics can hook up with your credit card info without your permission or even giving them your credit card info:

Occupy Wall Street targeted by NYPD for Biometric Retinal Scans:

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