Thursday, October 31, 2013

Million Mask March Worldwide Event Nov 5 2013

In the spirit of Anonymous, Occupy and WikiLeaks, Million Mask March is a global event held every year on November 5th. Increasing in number, this year there are over 400 worldwide locations including Washington, DC, Los Angeles, New York, Boston, London, Sydney, Melbourne, Netherlands, Greece, Brazil, India, Philippines, Spain, France, Germany, Switzerland, Poland, Egypt, Mexico, Africa, Israel, Hong Kong, Romania, Ireland and 350+ more. It is a call to unite whistleblowers, hacktivists, marchers and occupiers to defend humanity with truth against political corruption. International Business Times calls it the largest world protest in the history of mankind.


Tweet Storm Nov 1 7pm EST

Learning from our past successes in previous #op events. We have come to recognize the power of a successful tweet storm. The #millionmaskmarch has the opportunity to be one of the biggest protesting days ever but that is only if we can get the word out and mobilize enough people. Our presence on Facebook is large and when it comes to twitter we are there as well but the idea is on Nov 1st to get the hashtag trending. It will reach millions and people will start asking questions/talking about the event. In many cases people on the fence about going or not can see that this march is no joke and could be the deciding factor in their attendance.

That’s why we need to show our power to work together and bring the hive together to make our presence seen loud and clear and we absolutely have the ability to do it. So in the days leading up to Nov 1 spread this document to everyone you know. We have a few big anon accounts already pledging support and are on board. In the meantime tweet this link to every account you follow that is activist/anonymous related. Decentralized does not mean uncoordinated. So lets come together and coordinate and give the world know choice but to see how big the #millionmaskmarch is going to be.

On Nov 1st at 7pm EST commence tweeting with the hashtag #millionmaskmarch in all of your posts. Tweet original or copy paste material. It doesn’t matter as long as you got the hashtag in there. Keep it going, get everyone you know with a twitter tweeting it. Don’t stop till we are trending because we will. For millions to see the #millionmaskmarch will be right there for them to see.

Spread this Far and wide lets mobilize and pump the web up for what will surely be an epic day in history!

Love and solidarity,
MMM DC Trans Squad

More info:

Christine Ann Sands
aka The Polymath Poet, WikiPoet
Anon Mobile Unit: 860-888-3127


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