Thursday, October 24, 2013

Words Progressives and Regressives use Differently




Something people deserve as citizens and have paid for with taxes their whole life.
Something that is OK when I need it, but when others use it they are lazy parasites.
Someone supporting concepts of individual freedom and civil liberties.
America and god hating commie.
Gov. led by a dictator, very pro-business, extreme nationalism and often racist.
Anyone who likes or supports ObamaCare, minimum wage or environmental laws.
A ruler who is not effectively restricted by a constitution, laws, recognized opposition.
Every democratic president for the last 100 years, especially Obama.
Big Gov.
Gov. that spends recklessly on items not to the betterment of the masses or restricts civil liberties needlessly.
Gov. programs that help the 99 percent. Oddly doesn’t include police state tactics or imposing religious dogma on women. Also doesn’t include special privileges like 175+ year copyrights, a military 10 larger than needed, or life sentences for minor offenses.

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