Thursday, November 21, 2013

Donald Trump Explained by Wiktionary and Merriam-Webster

Trumpery: Showy but worthless.
Flashy and of little redeeming value to society.
Actual definition according to Google, and Merriam-Webster and Wikipedia.


French tromperie (“deceit”)
trumpery (plural trumperies)
1.    worthless finerybric-a-brac or junk 
·         1610The Tempest, by Shakespeare, act 4 scene 1
(Prospero, to Ariel)
This was well done, my bird.
Thy shape invisible retain thou still:
The trumpery in my house, go bring it hither
For stale to catch these thieves.
2.    nonsense 
·         South
Upon the coming of Christ, very much, though not all, of this idolatrous trumpery and superstition was driven out of the world.
3.    (obsoletedeceitfraud

trumpery (not comparable)
1.    gaudy but of no value 
·         1954, Anthony Buckeridge, According to Jennings
“Of all the trumpery moonshine!” Mr. Wilkins exploded. “What do you think you're playing at, Jennings!”


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