Sunday, December 1, 2013

20 Cool iPhone or Android Wallpapers

Awesome picture of couple surfers on the beach near sunset.
Surfs up
Beautiful picture a deep blue mountain lake.
Stunning picture from the Hubble telescope of interstellar gas.
House floating on iceberg, analogy for 'more than meets the eye'.
Blurred Victoria Secret model in black and white picture.
Abandoned Rail road tracks running to the water.
Railroad track to nowhere
Black bear inside a polar bear suit.
Black inside white bear.
Stunning tropical lagoon from movie "The Blue Lagoon".
Tropical paradise.
A play on the word windows and dog, with a picture of a cute dog.
Windows8 Joke
Jack Nicholson standing behind Keith Ledger in Joker makeup.
The Joker
Funny Space Sloth logo and motto.
Scientist blowing smoke which turns into a galaxy.
Cool skull picture worthy of a motorcycle gang.
Sons of Anarchy
Picture of a painted American flag with the colors running.
Worn-out American Flag
Drawing of Clark Kent in a phonebooth.
Spooky cool picture of a wolf.
Classic painting by Vincent Van Gogh.
Van Gogh
Cool cat picture watching bubles.
Kitty cat
Snowy painted scene from an old Christmas card.
Classic winter postcard
Romantic snow cover bridge.
Snowy winter

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