Wednesday, December 11, 2013

List of Alternative Natural Gas Providers for Michigan

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It's that time of year again, the outside temps dropping below freezing and the utility bill going out of sight. In Michigan, along with many other states, you can select an alternative Natural Gas company instead of being stuck with the utility company.

      Company Price Mcf                  Link
Grand Rapids Energy $3.99
Dillon Energy Services $4.52
Direct Energy Services $4.55
Glacial Natural Gas $4.56
Interstate Gas Supply $4.59
Realgy Energy Services $4.63
Michigan Natural Gas $4.90!rates/c1yws
Spark Energy Gas $4.92
Ardent Natural Gas, LLC $4.95
Constellation Energy Gas Choice $4.99
Volunteer Energy Service $4.99
Integrys Energy Services $5.02
My Choice Energy $5.03
XOOM Energy Michigan $5.45
Santanna Energy Services $5.49
Just Energy Michigan Corp. $5.59

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