Sunday, January 5, 2014

10 Words Progressives Should Stop Using in 2014

Words will always retain their power. Words offer the means to meaning, and for those who will listen, the enunciation of truth. And the truth is, there is something terribly wrong with this country, isn't there?

Words will always retain their power.

1. Main Stream Media – use “Corporate Media” instead. There is nothing mainstream about the news provided to us by the likes of ABC, CBS, CNN, Fox News, or NBC. Despite rhetoric about liberal versus conservative, these outlets do not provide anything remotely resembling the issues or stances the vast majority of Americans hold and care about. Poll after poll shows when asked about specific issues the American public holds Progressive stances. Yet the Corporate Media would have us believe America is some kind of “Far Right” country.

2. Entitlements – use “Earned Benefits” instead. Social Security, Medicare, and unemployment benefits are not welfare, they programs you have paid for with your tax dollars your entire life. They are no more entitlements than a home or car you are making monthly payments on.

3. Pro Life – use “Anti Reproductive Rights” instead. ProLife connotes that these people are in favor of things that enable life [particularly human life] to survive. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Almost without exception these are the same people who have no problem with children of the poor starving in the streets, being denied an education, or having affordable access to life saving healthcare. Essentially once you’re born, they couldn’t care less about you. The real motivation behind much of this is eugenics. The fear is that whites will become a minority in America.

4. Pro Choice – use “Pro Reproductive Rights” instead. What the Regressive Right is doing with its jihad on women isn’t merely about abortion. It’s about whether women control their own bodies and destiny. If men had to get an embarrassing anal ultrasound probe just to get Viagra, this debate would over yesterday. Additionally the word “Rights” is a dog whistle for the Regressive Right, as in the “Bill of Rights”. You may even want to add the qualifier “Constitutionally Protected 9th Amendment Rights” to further solidify that what we are talking about is an all-out assault on the Bill of Rights.

5. Homophobic – use “Anti-Gay” instead. While undoubtedly a number of Regressives fear that being around gay people will somehow infect them, most of these people are just spiteful haters. They are the same people who gave you a wedgie in junior high, basically bullies. More fundamentally they are “Anti Freedom of Association”, which is protected under the US Constitution, Article 11. They seek to prevent gay people from associating and or forming long term relationships, as if this will force homosexuals to convert out of desperation.

6. Free Market Capitalism – use “Reverse Robin Hood Socialism” instead. When the talking heads on Corporate Media or Politicians use the words “Free Market Capitalism” they never actually mean what Adam Smith referred to. What they actually mean is big business shirking its social responsibilities and never ever the legal rule rigging big business uses to get that way. When Progressives mention things like the trillions spent to protect the oil industry or the cost to infrastructure all those trucks driving to Walmart does, Regressives will commonly claim Progressives are “Anti Free Market Capitalism”. Instead remind them you are actually “Anti Reverse Robin Hood Socialism” and have no problem with an actual free market of goods and service.

7. Welfare – use “Social Safety Net” instead. Welfare has become a dog whistle code word among Regressives for “Lazy Blacks and Mexicans” despite the fact the majority of people collecting welfare and food stamps in America are white. Welfare also inaccurately describes the program. After three decades of Regressive evisceration nobody who has ever been on them would ever describe them as actually caring about their welfare. The benefits are simply too meager and punitive. Progressives need to reframe the argument to “Social Safety Net” which rightly puts the onus back on society as a whole.

8. Campaign Contribution – use “Influence Peddling or Bribery” instead. While a small minority of campaign contributions actually comes from small donors, the vast majority is from Trans National Corporations and Kleptocrats. To say that these entities and billionaires are just concerned citizens is to ignore the truth. Studies have shown the best investment in America is paying off politicians to rig the rules in your favor. Only in modern America has this been termed Campaign Contributions, everywhere else it is still known as influence peddling or bribery.

9. Big Business – use “Unelected Government” instead. Because of reasons mentioned in number 8, America has become a country “for, by, and of big business” not the people. While there has always been a dichotomy in America’s priorities between “the haves and have not’s”, since the Citizen United ruling all the pretense of impartiality has gone out the window. If congress and the president actually cared about what the average citizen wanted, America would be a drastically different place today. Instead money is the only speech that matters, something the average person is lacking.

10. Government Spending – use “Government Investment” instead. Clearly not all of our tax dollars are used on infrastructure, but a sizeable proportion still is. When a road, bridge, school, or hospital is built, it is a productive asset that produces a return on money for decades to come. Just because that return is freely given to the American public doesn’t negate what it is, an investment. The same could also be said for money spent on education, as our society benefits on a whole. Sadly the same cannot always be said of money spent on research and development. Much of the benefits is often funneled to big business through use of influence peddling.

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